Car Insurance For Young Drivers – Start Saving Money Now!

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To get a better price for car insurance for young drivers there are a few things you can do. With today’s bad economy we all need a break so I recommend that you shop around and find the best deals out there. When buying your child there the first car doesn’t buy them a sports car just so they can be cool or so you can be the cool parent. Keep in mind that the type of car you buy will affect the cost of car insurance for young drivers.

1. Car Shopping: Buy an inexpensive car and look for cars that have a good safety record you can get that from your insurance company if you ask them they have a car safety score report and that is what they go by when pricing the auto insurance for that car. Just to let you know 4 cylinders are cheaper than V8’s.

2. Take your teen to a driving course after they get their license: The more training they have the better off they will be and insurance companies love these courses and they will reward you for it in the price.

3. Good grades do matter: Teens can get a better deal if they have a “B” average or better so let your teen know they need to work hard before they can get a car and use that to motivate your teen. My parents did when I was younger because I wanted to drive and it worked.

4. Now add your teen to your policy: Insurance companies give better deals the more policies you have and you can even get more of a deal if you add your home insurance with that company because it all adds up.

5. Shop around: Nowadays with this bad economy insurance companies are trying harder than ever to get your business and that means when they compete you can get a better deal for the whole family.

6. Deductible: If you raise your deductible from $100 to $500 that can give you a 10% discount and if you can afford to raise it to $1,000 that could be a savings of 25%. If you can’t afford it now you can if you open a savings account just for your insurance deductibles and make monthly payments to yourself and when you reach the deductible limit just let it go and grow.

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Source by Harold Dillon