Cheap Pick-Up Truck Insurance

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# 1 Ford F Series at over 780,000 sold

# 2 Chevy Silverado at almost 530,000 sold

# 3 Ram Pick-Up at 451,000 sold

There are almost more Ford F series trucks sold than both the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord combined. While these vehicles are not as expensive as exotic sports cars like a Corvette, they are usually more expensive than a typical sedan. High-end trucks like the F-150 platinum or limited series can cost over $ 50,000 new. To protect this big investment and to save money, owners need cheap pick-up truck insurance. Lets look into some basic things consumers who own or who are thinking of buying one of these popular vehicles can do to save on insurance coverage. Get borrowed from good to go insurance company online in less than 5 minutes and easily save hundreds today.

Average Cost of Insuring a Pick-up Truck

Insurance rates are constantly changing and this is especially true for trucks. However, we can get a rough idea of ​​the average cost of insuring a late model truck looking at data across multiple brands, including Ford and Chevy models. Based on a policy that includes liability and also comprehensive coverage, the average cost of insuring a pick-up truck in the US is going to be about $ 2,400 annually. This equates to $ 200 a month, which puts it above the mainline coverage average cost for sedans and other vehicle types. While this is not cheap, comprehensive coverage is often recommended for trucks as they are often exposed to more severe weather conditions and are very expensive to repair.

Although the high cost of insuring trucks can scare off potential buyers, there are some simple steps anyone can take to lower their premiums by quite a bit. The first thing that needs to be done is raising the deductible amount. Some people mistakenly believe that raising this will push their rates higher but the opposite is actually true. When a deductible is increased, the policyholder is assuming more financial liability for the cost of an accident after a claim is made. This of course reduces the costs for the insurer and often results in drivers being more careful on the road and less accidents. Getting a $ 1,000 or higher deductible can lower premiums by 10% or more and make pick-up truck coverage a lot cheaper.

Another way to lower rates is to improve your driving record and credit score. This means paying off any past due tickets and getting your credit repaired as fast as possible. Many people do not even realize that today's insurance pricing includes credit rating scores. Insurers look at consumers who make risky financial moves as potentially risky drivers and then charge more for coverage. Likewise, those motorists that have more than 2 moving violations will be charged a lot more for vehicle insurance because of the intrinsic risks. Getting these two things cleared up can push your rates on that beloved truck down another 10% or even more.

Shopping Online for Truck Insurance can save you more

The last tip is to shop online for cheap pick-up truck insurance coverage. The internet is a great place to shop because checking rates is totally free and you can easily get direct truck rates that will save you another 10% or more. Also, at many leading websites like good-to-go, policies can be purchased on-line within minutes and even the ID insurance cards can be printed out at home.

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