Car Insurance – Performance Cars Require Special Handling

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Car Insurance Performance with Real Muscle

A high-performance car means paying more than the average driver for vehicle insurance. So, whether you already own one or are considering buying one – take heed.

If you’ve got the right know-how, even paying more than the average, you will still be ahead of other performance car drivers.

To make sure your car insurance performance is up to speed with your vehicle, read and understand the information below.

Understanding the Nature of Perceived Risk

Performance cars are by and large positioned in the category of “high perceived risk.” Most insurance carriers assume performance or muscle cars will be pushed to high speeds and on dangerous roads, or both – because that is what performance tuning is all about and that is what leads to car accidents.

Another perceived risk in vehicle modification. Cars become unique when modified and the further a vehicle is from normal standard test and measures tables, the greater the inability to analyze how people will survive in a possible crash.

Parts for a performance car, also affect insurance rates whether they are aftermarket or original. Expensive and hard to get hold of, performance tuned parts will increase your insurance rates. So will aftermarket parts which are often untested…at least on your particular type of vehicle.

How to Save Money

Mentioned below are ways to save money…now that you understand the ins and outs of performance car insurance and why this type of coverage is extra expensive.

1. LoJack or other engine immobilizers installed in your vehicle will lower rates as they are approved security devices. If you have an insurance carrier specializing in cars that are performance vehicles, it might be a requirement to park the car in a locked garage to reduce the risk of theft. So…Security Saves!

2. Specialty insurers quite often give discounts to members of enthusiast organizations and auto clubs. It’s just one of the membership advantages. Go… Go… Go… Clubbing!

3. Want cheap auto insurance? You can have it but only if you refuse to give in to the urge to steer that speedster onto the streets every chance you get. If so, you may qualify for discount rates for low-mileage or even for a car collector policy (careful, as some limits are around 10,000 miles per year.) Mostly…Mileage Matters!

4. Most specialty insurers offer discounts for A1 driving records! This means you must be extra careful, because a car that is built for speed, will attract more attention from the police. Remember, speeding tickets have an effect on how much you pay in insurance. Safe Speeds… offers Specials!

So what have we learned?

While driving an elite vehicle may be thrilling, exciting and exuberating, having to ensure that a car can cut into your fun.

However, if you’re a super savvy shopper and follow these guidelines, car insurance for your performance ride will not be such a bitter pill to swallow.

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